Secure interna del sensore di temperatura – Z-Wave Plus, 1 pezzi, seceses302

Caratteristiche del prodotto

  • Ideale per la misurazione della temperatura
  • Per un controllo intelligente zentralheizungs
  • Con semplice interfaccia utente
  • Semplice integrazione in rete Z-Wave
  • Design intramontabile

Compra su

The SES302 sensor is powered from 2 AA batteries and it is Z-Wave Plus certified. In addition to the standard functionality it also supports one of the following optional configurations: One external NTC wired temperature sensor (SES 001). Four external wired pipe/tank temperature sensors (SES 002) each connected by a 1 meter long cable. One external wired pipe/tank temperature sensor (SES 003), connected by a cable of 4 meters length. This unit is ideal for temperature measurement for smart central heating controls or any other similar application. Its user interface is straightforward and with a push button and LED indication on back side, one can easily include/exclude this to a Z-Wave network.

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